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How high your website scores in Google depends on 2 factors:

  1. Content: Is the keyword used sufficiently in the text, but also not excessively (=spam)? Are sufficient synonyms used?
  2. Website value: Does your website have sufficient links from important websites?

SEO Page Optimizer - web content that is scored highly in GoogleThanks to SEO Page Optimizer you can write web pages the content of which perfectly matches the requirements of Google. Have you written the perfect page, but could use a little nudge in the right direction? Then use the free version of Keyboost to increase the value of your website!

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  • For every content component, you will be provided with clear instructions about how you can improve the performance of your web page step by step.

  • You will also have a list of keyword related words that Google regards as important. The best of these can be used as alternatives for the keyword, to achieve an ideal balance between the times that the keyword is used - too often = spam - and the times that the other significant related words occur on your web page.

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Patricia Joud
I tested the Keyboost offer for our site which sells food supplements and we are really arrived on the first page for liver cleansing! Congratulations to Keyboost.
Annemarie Arendse
Within no-time, my website kadoshopdeduizendpoot moved up in Google. Surprised how fast this went. Keyboost does what it promises. A very fast increase in Google. Thanks for the free trial.
Pascal Leblanc
In the market of delivering meals at home (even if we do not deliver our gastronomic dishes anywhere in France ), competition is very strong! Ipower has succeeded in raising our site to the first page of Google, among the very first, in this very competitive sector. I recommend it!
Gerwin Kranenburg
I am very pleased with the way in which Keyboost made my website more searchable for search engines and how this resulted in a significantly better position. Thank you for that! An absolute must!
Eifel nu
Also ran the free trial on our website, for holiday homes in the Eifel. Indeed, the effect is deceet. From 91th to 30th position with only a few keywords.s